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Destined to shine: How a young Tabu landed up with her first full-fledged role

There are very few actresses who have been able to make a definitive impact through their performances and make a mark for themselves in the Hindi film industry. Tabu is certainly one of them. As a performer, she is probably one of the best artistes Indian cinema has ever seen. But, did you know how this talented performer landed up with her first full-fledged acting role in ‘Hum Naujawan’ (1985) with late veteran actor-filmmaker Dev Anand? Check it out as the actress recalls herself in this old interview. 
“I was called from school. And Shabana aunty (Shabana Azmi) called and said that you must do this film. Though I couldn’t make out much about films or anything I mean.” The host asked that was she keen herself to do it. The actress replied, “Not at all, I was extremely nervous, but I mean I was just 11 and I had to bunk school. There in my school it was very very upset because I was a good student and I remember the principal had called my mum to the school and she had a serious talk that you have to decide whether you want your daughter to study or to join films. It was a convent school so that’s why it was a serious issue because they are really really strict.”
Screen test, I was very nervous I just remember being very very nervous and my sister (Farah Naaz) was along. And my sister was with me and Dev saab spotted her and he thought, he was wondering why she has not come for a screen test yet. If she was not interested which my sister was.”He (Dev Anand) wanted me for his film and he took my sister’s screen test just you know just like that and he happened to show it to Yash ji (Yash Chopra) who was looking for a new girl. So that’s how it just happened.Tabu landed up with the role of Dev Anand’s daughter in ‘Hum Naujawan’ (1985), while her sister Farah Naaz made her acting debut in Yash Chopra’s ‘Faasle’ (1985) along with Sunil Dutt, Rekha and Rohan Kapoor. It was sheer coincidence that both sisters made their acting debut in the same year.
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